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About Axis for Business

An independent Gas and Electricity provider based in Hull. They gained their supplier license in 2012. With all energy sales, they will install an AMR / Smart Meter usually for free. 


They are always happy to help customers and have built dedicated teams to assist customers and support their sales. If a customer refuses a smart / AMR device Axis may decline to supply the premises.

Features & Benefits

  • Average Time to Answer Call is 9 Seconds 

  • Expert Dedicated Technical Support and Sales Team

  • Dedicated Business Support Team

  • DocuSign is accepted.

  • Fast registrations, 7 days for Elec. 

  • Can align end dates on contracts 

  • Specific billing for Multi sites – Axis groups sites into groups of 30 for billing and also provide a cover sheet detailing all invoices.

  • billing to actual usage via smart / AMR meters.

  • New customers can submit reads via a text service.

  • If Axis renew one of your deals you still get paid commission. 

Axis do validate all contracts sent to them, they will call the customer within 2 weeks of submission date.

Please be aware no contracts will be accepted by Axis until this call has been completed and they will cancel all contracts with unsuccessful calls. 


Axis pay monthly in arrears for all commissions.

For the uplift product,  monthly commission is based on customers actual usage and released if customer pays their bills,. This is also paid monthly in arrears.  If a customer does not pay their bill one month then axis won’t release that months commission until the account is brought up to date. 

These are only SME payment terms, for Corporate payment terms please refer to your Relationship Manager. 

Renewal Cycle

If no renewal contract has been received by 90-60 days Axis will send out a renewal letter to the customer. If customer services renew directly with Axis the broker still receives commission. 


If no renewal contract is agreed the customer will roll into a standard variable rate contract which requires 30 days’ notice to leave. 

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