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About Yorkshire Gas and Power (YGP)

Yorkshire Gas and Power (YGP) is a business gas and electricity supplier operating in England, Scotland and Wales.  YGP has been operating since July 2009 under the limited company name Eco Green Management Limited.  The company has increased rapidly in turnover year on year since 2009. 

Gas Features & Benefits

  • High standard of service to customers and to brokers 

  • Standing Charge Product available

  • Up to 5 year terms available

  • Pricing available up to 2 years in advance

  • Flexible uplift options 

  • Speedy commission payment

  • IGT meters are not accepted through the matrix or bespoke services

Renewal Cycle

Sell ahead - up to 2 years in advance. 

For Micro Businesses customers must give termination notice at least 30 days prior to the contract end date.

For Non-Micro Businesses it is 90-120 days prior to the contract end.

If the customer has handed in termination notice but doesn’t leave YGP’s supply at the end of the contract, they will go onto fixed out of contract rates, in cases like this, they are free to leave at any time, provided they have cleared any outstanding balances. In situations where the customer reaches the end of their contract and hasn’t handed in termination notice, they will be rolled over with YGP for a fixed term. In cases like this, commission will be included if you placed the customer with YGP.

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