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About Scottish Power

Scottish Power is part of Iberdrola, a Spanish private multinational electric utility company based in Bilbao, Basque Country.

As well as being one of the top UK retailers with 5.2 million customers, Scottish Power is a distribution Network for energy across the UK with the aim of becoming the UK's leading network operator.

Scottish Power is currently the UK's largest developer of onshore wind farms with over 30 wind farms.

Electricity Features & Benefits

  • Competitive Pricing – Scottish Power offer some of the best prices

  • Fixed Commission – Simple commission structure means you don’t need to add uplift – it’s already included

  • Fixed End dates – all products are sold with fixed end dates – regardless of the start date the end date is determined by which product you sell. This can be useful for customers looking to align their end dates

  • Scottish Power cannot take over a supply on a weekend or a Bank Holiday (please be aware that this also includes Scottish Bank Holidays).

  • Margin Spinner

  • When completing a quote, Scottish power will show as base rate prices only (no uplift). You will need to select the uplift amount in order to gain commission. Contracts submitted without an uplift will be rejected.

  • Scottish Power's prices will now appear in price order when compared to other suppliers which will make comparisons easier.

  • DocuSign not accepted

  • Verbal LOA's not accepted

  • Will accept electronically signed LOA's

  • Direct Debit Only

Renewal Cycle

ScottishPower will write to business customers at least 60 days before their contract ends, advising of their options including the charges for a new Fixed Price Period tariff.


If a business customer chooses not to opt into a new Fixed Price Period tariff ScottishPower will automatically move the business’ electricity account to their Standard Fixed tariff at the end of their current contract.  This will be more expensive than a new Fixed Price Period tariff however the business customer would be free to leave at any point following a 30-day written notice.


ScottishPower will also include information on how to terminate their supply if they wish to switch to a different supplier:


For Fixed Price Contracts – Contracts can be terminated at any time up to 30 days prior to its expiry. However, the contract must run its full term.


For Standard Fixed Tariff - A minimum of 30 days’ notice of termination must be given as specified in the Terms and Conditions.


Broker renewals are offered on a campaign basis, you will be contacted if your customer can renew with details of when this can be done.   


Scottish Power do not accept renewals for related meters through SME. These need to be quoted through bespoke in order for them to be accepted.

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